What can I possible say to express the joy this beautiful Bengal kitten has brought into my life.  He is gregarious, amazing, and delights me non-stop.  He lives in Oro Valley, AZ in paradise.  I adopted a beautiful little dog after I got him…she is mix of Italian Greyhound, Border Collie, and who knows what else and is 1.5 years old.  They are the most delightful buddies – they play non-stop.  He the Bengal thinks he’s a dog and she the doggy thinks she is a cat.  I cannot describe what a delightful little Bengal named Solo has and continues to be to me and all my friends, including the pup named Sadie.  Thank you Melody for such a wonderful little…now quite big Bengal.  He brings joy to everyone.



As a life long animal lover I’ve always made it a point to spend ‘quality time’ with my fur family members. Most of them being cats, a simple 10-15 minutes of play time usually wore them out or bored them and so I went on with my night. This evening I learned a lot more about what being a Bengal dad is all about. Our boy Romeo loves to play. He especially loves to chase his favorite toy his mom (Tamara) made. Tonight we spent a solid 70 minutes playing run, chase, leap in the air, and ‘hunt the toy’, leaving me breathless from sprinting around the house and Romeo fully engaged the entire time and never losing interest in playtime. 70 minutes. I remember James Michael Lubbad prepping me for Bengal life and reading much of the same, but this is truly special. Melody, your boy is quite the special soul. 😄


02/07/2015 – “One Year Later”


Can you believe Shianne will be a year old tomorrow? Since she was my first Bengal, I wasn’t at all sure what to expect from my new family member. Then we added Blaise. Now I wonder if there was ever ‘life’ before Bengals.

When selecting my first Bengal, little did I know, not all breeders are created equal. I relied mostly on physical appearance of the kitten. By the second time around, I realized just how fortunate I had been finding your cattery. You provided the information needed for a smooth transition into a new home. From diet, to veterinary needs, to cat litter, everything was there from the start. You never lost patience with my ‘new mommy’ panic attacks (which always turned out to be nothing)! What’s more, the business transaction was flawless. When time came to add a second cat, there was no question where to go.

There simply aren’t enough superlatives to express how happy I am with my cats and their breeder. I know I tell you all the time, but I absolutely love my Bengals! I am so grateful to you (and Josh) for all you do to make this possible. Just wish you could find a way to keep them from growing up so fast! Thank you so very much!!!



Dear Melody,

I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for Santana. I spent at least 6 months looking for a reputable breeder and after having several communications with you, I knew I would be getting a kitten from you. It is wonderful that you test your breeder cats yearly for HCM, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and that the kittens are seen by a veterinarian before being sold. You were incredibly easy to work with, responded to my questions quickly, and it was obvious that you love your cats and wanted the kittens to go to loving homes. Santana was very well socialized and easily settled into our family. Santana will be 3 years old in October and he’s been a wonderful addition to our family. Whenever I take him in for his annual checkups everyone compliments me on how well behaved he is. He plays fetch, cuddles, plays with our dogs, and follows me around the house. Your cats aren’t just gorgeous they are healthy and mentally stable. I’ve attached a few pictures of my wonderful boy, Santana.


Dear Melody,

Kira and Ahri say hi! I am happy to say they are the best of friends now! (Though, I think Kira still thinks we bought her a very active play toy) Kira is now 2.5 years old and still as active and playful as ever. She loves to climb (especially where the kitten can’t reach yet!) and bask in the California sunlight. Oh, and she still prefers to sleep under the covers! Our new little kitten we adopted from you (Ahri) over Christmas 2014 is just precious. We never thought a cat could be softer then Kira, but Ahri is like Cashmere and she has the goofiest personality! She wags her tail like a puppy when she’s excited and hops around like a bunny, so cute! She also loves to cuddle with us, but she’s in love with Kira! It’s the cutest thing watching the little one follow the big one around and try to do everything she does.

These two are the talk of the town, I’m telling you! I’m convince friends and family stop by only to see our Bengals, now. They are so friendly and social and LOVE to be played with. Lasers, feather toys, balls, you name it, they’ll chase it. I’m so happy to say they are both doing great!

Thank you so much for everything!

Jennifer and Will

Hi Melody,

Mugen and Fuu are about 7 1/2 months old now and we are so in love with these kids!We wouldn’t ordinarily have considered getting two cats but, as you know, when the time came to make a final decision we couldn’t choose just one. We haven’t regretted that decision even once. They are true siblings. They look out for and clean each other, but then they play hard together too. It’s so much fun to watch them, and it’s a whole lot easier leaving to go to work when I know they’ll keep each other company.

And their personalities are turning out to be so different! Mugen is definitely the “tough guy” as we expected he would be, and he’s getting huge!! Just look at that face – what a beautiful boy! And Fuu is our little baby girl, she gets into everything but then she’s ready to cuddle when she’s worn out. She’s tiny compared to Mugen, but doesn’t seem to realize it when she pounces on him.

They both love people and they love to play. And (although the photos speak for themselves) they’re just beautiful. We couldn’t be happier with them.

Thank you!!!

Melody: Here’s an update on Goldispots, the brown-spotted female I adopted in November ’06.

Goldi is a furry treasure — beautiful, sleek, glittered, playful, affectionate and cuddly. She’s a very active and curious cat too. She plays hard and when she tuckers out, she’s super affectionate and loves to snuggle. She has a quiet purr and a resounding Bengal “meee-yow” when she wants attention.

I had her for a month before adopting a male black and white Norwegian Forest Cat named Dominick. When Goldi first met her long-haired playmate, she was a total girl and didn’t want this rambunctious boy kitten playing with all her toys and romping around her room. But Goldi warmed up to Dom rather quickly and now they are the best of pals, even cuddling and grooming each other.

Goldi loves water. Whenever the faucet is running, she’s in the sink, playfully batting around water droplets or enjoying a few slurps. She finds the toilet fascinating and she occasionally plays in the shower. Goldi is also a climber. She loves her cat tree with the sisal-covered poles. She claimed the top hammock as her own and takes her early morning naps on the sunny balcony where her glitter shines in the sunlight and her evening snoozes in the hammock.

When I first decided to get a new cat, I wasn’t sure if a Bengal would be the cat for me. I’m glad I decided to adopt one because they are amazing cats in every way. Never a dull moment and I absolutely love her spotted belly, black-ringed tail, and dramatic gold eyes.

I also enjoyed talking with you and learning more about the Bengals and your cattery. You took the time to answer questions, introduced me to all your stunning cats, and even provided many great photos of Goldi’s first few months with her momma Jelly Bean and littermates that I will always treasure.

M e e y o w . . .
Barbara Dreyer

Dear Melody,

Just wanted to let you know how our little Nala is doing. Well actually, she’s not that little anymore! She is so very spoiled with treats and playing all the time.Luckily Eric is home a lot to play with her keep her company as well as our other 2 girls she likes to wrestle and play “tag” with. She loves going out on the deck and trying to catch birds. She is very loving and sleeps on me every night while she loves sleeping on Eric during the day. We plan on getting her spayed early next month and will forward the proof to you. We’ll also continue to keep you informed of her progress.

Thanks again for our little “gift”,



I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to update you on little Azur and how big he is getting! I’ve attached a few photos of him…the ones of him outside are from this past weekend. My parents live on the Intracoastal Waterway and the cats love going and wandering in the backyard and looking off their dock. He’s already almost caught up to my older cat Ringo in size. He’s so funny and has brought so much fun and joy to all our lives. My parents can’t get enough of him either and welcome visit’s from Ringo and him as often as possible. I actually have more people come to visit me at my house now but they aren’t there to visit me…they are there to see the cats!! Hahaha. His 1st birthday is coming up quick at the end of next month; I can’t believe we’ve had the little guy this long already…time flies when you have a Bengal with quite a personality!!

The new kittens you have also are adorable. Also very cool to see Cleo and her first litter of kittens as she was running around your house still a kitten when my girlfriend and I came to pick up Azur.

Thank you again so much for him and I will keep you updated with pictures of him as he gets older and bigger. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving and Christmas!!