BoydsBengals Bellini

  • Sire: Golden Leopard Triumph
  • Dam: BoydsBengals Moet Chandon
  • HCM Screen: Pending
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 091421 104
  • CFA Registration #: 9271R-02959594
  • PK Deficiency: N/N by parentage
  • Pedigree: Bellini
  • Description:

    Bellini is our home grown girl from Triumph and Moet. She is a seal mink Bengal that carries two copies of the agouti gene so she can have charcoal and snow babies with the right boy. She has a very sweet, affectionate personality and makes equally sweet babies.

Bengalesisnika Tiramisu

  • Sire: Silverstorm Silver Galacto
  • Dam: BoydsBengals Dark Pearl
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 042920 044
  • CFA Registration #:
  • PK Deficiency: N/ N
  • Pedigree:
  • Description:

    Missu is the granddaughter of BoydsBengals Breaking Bad, DM. We love her wild expression, depth of chin and her strong profile. More importantly she is a very sweet, affectionate girl. She carries seal lynx point and melanistic so she can produce snows and charcoals with the right boy. Thank you to our good friend Rui for sending this stunning girl to us.

BoydsBengals Moet Chandon

  • Sire: BoydsBengals Breaking Bad
  • Dam: Diamonddust Champagne on Ice
  • HCM Screen: Pending - end of June 2019
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 120717 0016
  • CFA Registration #: 9271R-02826761
  • PK Deficiency: N/N by parentage
  • Pedigree: Moet
  • Description:

    Moet is our one of a kind keeper girl from BoydsBengals Breaking Bad and Diamondust Champagne on Ice. She is a rosetted seal mink charcoal. She has a very sweet personality, beautiful coat and rosettes. She has consistently produced stunning snows and browns and charcoals with great temperaments. She is an asset to our program.

Inspiration Ms. Divine

  • Sire: Inspiration Leonidas
  • Dam: Angavang Leira
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 072220 076
  • CFA Registration #:
  • PK Deficiency: N/N
  • Pedigree:
  • Description:

    "Diva" is a beautiful from rosetted girl. She has outlined, open, two-toned rosettes, a clear coat and soft, close lying coat with lots of glitter. She is a very sweet, affectionate girl. We are looking forward to what she can produce with our boys.