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BoydsBengals Breaking Bad, DM (“Breaker”)

  • Sire: Drinkwater Cloud Reflection
  • Dam: BoydsBengals Tequila Sunrise
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 101014 016
  • CFA Registration #: 9202R-02213345
  • PK Deficiency: N/N by parentage
  • Pedigree: Breaker
  • Description:

    Breaker the FIRST Bengal in the history of the Cat Fancier's Association to earn the title of "Distinguished Merit" or "DM". Breaker is a brown rosetted Bengal with beautiful outlined donut rosettes, a short, tight coat, medium sized, well set ears and a wild expression. Breaker also carries for snow and melanistic. He has consistently produced stunning brown, snows and charcoals for us and most of them are show quality. Breaker is now semi-retired and living his best life with us.

Golden Leopard Triumph

  • Sire: CH Golden Leopard Velikly
  • Dam: CH Keitaro Ursula
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 100818 061
  • CFA Registration #: 9270R-02843261
  • PK Deficiency: N/ N
  • Pedigree: Triumph
  • Description:

    Triumph is a beautiful seal mink rosetted boy. We fell in love at first sight. He has beautiful pancake rosettes, amazing contrast and clarity for a seal mink, and a very sweet expression. He has very good boning a lot of substance to him. He also carries agouti and has produced browns, snows and charcoals, all with huge rosettes. He is an asset to our program.

GCD, BWR, NW BoydsBengals Breaking News

  • Sire: BoydsBengals Breaking Bad, DM
  • Dam: CH, PR PaintedCats New Day
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 051820 035
  • CFA Registration #: 9202R-02887252
  • PK Deficiency: N/N
  • Pedigree: Breaking News
  • Description:

    Jimmy is a National Winner (NW) and Best of Breed Bengal (BWR) in CFA. He is also the first Bengal to achieve the title of Grand Champion of Distinction (GCD). He has a wonderful reddish coat with outlined rosettes, gorgeous gold nocturnal eyes and a very sweet disposition.

GC WildlifeBengals Blue Bayou

  • Sire: Benlaria Meteor Impact of Wildlife
  • Dam: WildlifeBengals Kira
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 061922 050
  • CFA Registration #: 9204R-02991652
  • PK Deficiency: N/N by parentage
  • Pedigree: Blue Bayou
  • Description:

    Blue is a beautiful blue rosetted Bengal. He is the first blue Bengal to achieve the title of Grand Champion in CFA. He has a wonderful, confident yet sweet personality and an amazing clear coat. He is pure for spotting and carries lynx and agouti. He has been producing beautiful kittens with our girls. Thank you to Brandy Groome of Wildlife Bengals for this amazing boy!