boydsbengals bengal cat studs and queens 01

BoydsBengals Breaking Bad (“Breaker”)

  • Sire: Drinkwater Cloud Reflection
  • Dam: BoydsBengals Tequila Sunrise
  • HCM Screen: 11/27/2018 - Normal
  • SBT: SBT 101014 016
  • PK Deficiency: N/N by parentage
  • Pedigree: Breaker
  • Description:

    Breaker is our first home grown boy from 10 years of breeding. Breaker is a brown spotted rosetted bengal with beautiful outlined donut rosettes, a short, tight coat, medium sized, well set ears and a wild expression. Breaker also carries for snow and melanistic so we are looking forward to brown spotted, snow and charcoal kittens from our stunning boy.

FashionBengals Armani Prive (“Ivan”)

  • Sire: Wowbengals Best of the Best
  • Dam: Sunstorm Alamira
  • HCM Screen: 6/11/2018 - Normal
  • SBT: 022316 026
  • PK Deficiency: N/N by parentage
  • Pedigree: Breaker
  • Description:

    Our stunning "red" boy from Fashionbengals. Ivan has huge, outlined donut rosettes against a clear coat, green eyes, a beautiful nocturnal expression. He also has small ears, a good profile and deep finish to his chin. Ivan has a very sweet, loving temperament that he passes on both his beautiful coat and his personality to his kittens.

Sunstorm Turbo Charged

  • Sire: Anjali Shining Star of Sunstorm
  • Dam: Anjali All That Glitters
  • HCM Screen: Pending
  • SBT: SBT 031918 055
  • PK Deficiency: N/N by parentage
  • Pedigree: Turbo
  • Description:

    "Turbo" is a beautiful golden brown rosetted boy. He has a very clear coat, open donut rosettes, small ears and a nice profile and chin. He also has an extremely sweet disposition. He comes from our dear friend Alison Coxon of Sunstorm Bengals. We are very excited to see what Turbo will produce with our girls.