boydsbengals bengal cat studs and queens 01

BoydsBengals Breaking Bad (“Breaker”)

  • Sire: Drinkwater Cloud Reflection
  • Dam: BoydsBengals Tequila Sunrise
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 101014 016
  • CFA Registration #: 9202R-02213345
  • PK Deficiency: N/N by parentage
  • Pedigree: Breaker
  • Description:

    Breaker is our first home grown boy from 10 years of breeding. Breaker is a brown spotted rosetted bengal with beautiful outlined donut rosettes, a short, tight coat, medium sized, well set ears and a wild expression. Breaker also carries for snow and melanistic so we are looking forward to brown spotted, snow and charcoal kittens from our stunning boy.

FashionBengals Armani Prive (“Ivan”)

  • Sire: Wowbengals Best of the Best
  • Dam: Sunstorm Alamira
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 022316 026
  • CFA Registration #: 9202R-02536379
  • PK Deficiency: N/N by parentage
  • Pedigree: Ivan
  • Description:

    Our stunning "red" boy from Fashionbengals. Ivan has huge, outlined donut rosettes against a clear coat, green eyes, a beautiful nocturnal expression. He also has small ears, a good profile and deep finish to his chin. Ivan has a very sweet, loving temperament that he passes on both his beautiful coat and his personality to his kittens.

Golden Leopard Triumph

  • Sire: CH Golden Leopard Velikly
  • Dam: CH Keitaro Ursula
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 100818 061
  • CFA Registration #: 9270R-02843261
  • PK Deficiency: N/ N
  • Pedigree: Triumph
  • Description:

    Triumph is a beautiful seal mink rosetted boy. We fell in love at first sight. He has beautiful pancake rosettes, amazing contrast and clarity for a seal mink, and a very sweet expression. He has very good boning a lot of substance to him. We are looking forward to see what he adds to our program.