BoydsBengals Ebony Cloud

  • Sire: Sunstorm Turbo Charged
  • Dam: BoydsBengals Ebony Accents
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 042219 057
  • CFA Registration #: 9203R-02826859
  • PK Deficiency: N/N by parentage
  • Pedigree: Ebony Cloud
  • Description:

    "Cloud" is a brown rosetted girl that has a very wild look about her. We love her large, rounded, nocturnal eyes, her puffy whisker pads and her beautiful expression. She has a beautiful rosetted coat with horizontally aligned rosettes, and a short thick tail. Cloud is our 4th generation home grown female - her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were all born here in our cattery. Cloud is pure for spots, and carries melanistic and seal lynx point.

PaintedCats Brightest Star

  • Sire:
  • Dam:
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 051219 074
  • CFA Registration #: 9203R-02856813
  • PK Deficiency: N/N by parentage
  • Pedigree: Star
  • Description:

    "Star" is another beauty from our good friend James Lubbad of PaintedCats in Wisconsin. Star has a very soft, thick coat, and dark rosettes with amazing clarity and contrast to her coat. I love her soulful eyes and her expression. She also has well set ears and a thick tail. Star also has a very sweet, playful personality. We are looking forward to her kittens here at BoydsBengals.

Bengaluxe Silver Belle

  • Sire: Beautiful Wild Balthazar /WC
  • Dam: Chococat of Bengaluxe
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 010819 014
  • CFA Registration #: 9211R-02811899
  • PK Deficiency: N/N
  • Pedigree: Silver Belle
  • Description:

    It has been over 10 years since we have had a silver Bengal in our cattery. This stunning girl has an amazing head shape, rounded green eyes and a wild expression. She has fantastic contrast with minimal tarnish to her coat, and a wonderful horizonal flow to her rosettes. Best of all, she has the sweetest temperament. Thank you to Louis Anais of Bengaluxe for this gorgeous girl.

BoydsBengals Sunday Beauty

  • Sire: BoydsBengals Breaking Bad
  • Dam: Bengalias Beauty
  • HCM Screen: Normal
  • TICA Registration #: SBT 070417 090
  • CFA Registration #:
  • PK Deficiency: N/N
  • Pedigree: Sunday
  • Description:

    Sunday is out of our favorite pairing of Beauty and Breaker. We love the flow of her outlined rosettes, it looks like a snakeskin pattern. She has a very soft, velvety coat, and a beautiful open, nocturnal expression. She carries melanistic so she can produce brown charcoal babies with the right male.